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Donna Meredith

Award-winning fiction

New for 2020!   BURIED SEEDS

Read the novel Southern Literary Review called “Thoroughly engrossing, imminently readable, and ultimately uplifting . . . an important contribution to a body of socially-themed women’s literature.”

Two Women, A Century Apart. Both have had enough.

2017: Angie Fisher promises to take over her best friend’s duties as president of the local teachers union in West Virginia, but her unemployed husband fears her involvement will cost him a job with the FBI.

1903: Angie’s great great grandmother Rosella endures devastating loss, life-threatening illness, arrest, and the destructive force of an earthquake. Yet nothing derails her quest to control her own destiny and win the right for all women to vote.

Through pages of a family scrapbook, Rosella’s courage speaks to Angie. If she doesn’t advocate for her students, hearing-impaired grandbaby, and colleagues, who will?  But will she lose the man she loves by taking a stand? At what point does silence become betrayal?

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Three generations of women in a family of West Virginia glass workers share their stories. From Aunt Livvie, Sarah learns about women in her family who overcame wrenching losses, brutal working conditions, and rape. These stories and her family’s unconditional love give Sarah the courage to forge a new life for herself and her child.

  • FIRST PLACE, WOMEN'S FICTION, (pre-publication) Royal Palm Literary Awards, 2009
  • RUNNER-UP, Gulf Coast Novel Contest, 2009
  • Juried into the "Best of West Virginia" Collection at Tamarack


Molly Culpepper believes her hometown of Alderson, Georgia, is a place of harmony—until a colleague chalks a racial slur on the blackboard during Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. In the chaos that follows, Molly begins to see her town and herself differently as she works with her neighbors to heal wounds, both old and new.

  • GOLD MEDAL, ADULT FICTION Florida Publishers Association, 2012
  • FIRST PLACE, WOMEN'S FICTION, (pre-publication) Royal Palm Literary Awards, 2010
  • Selected as a text by the UNT College of Education.


 Impoverished college student Summer Cassidy  just wants to earn her master's in hydrogeology but two months shy of her graduation, a corporation tries to suppress her research into contaminants in its ASR wells--can they keep her from pursuing the truth and her dreams?

  • SECOND PLACE, thrillers (pre-publication) Florida Writers Association 2013.


When grad student Summer Cassidy arrives in West Virginia to test water quality near fracking sites, she confronts fouled wells, puzzling illnesses, and cyberespionage. Surrounded by chaos and deceit, can Summer track the source of  contaminants before more people get sick—or even die— simply by turning on their taps? 

  • SILVER MEDAL, MYSTERY/THRILLER, Florida Authors and Publishers Association, 2016
  • SECOND PLACE, Blended Fiction, FWA, 2016
  • THIRD PLACE, Thriller/Suspense, FWA 2016



Kelsey Murphy revolutionized the creation of multi-layered cameo glass by marrying fine art to manufacturing. This is the story of everyone in Kelsey's journey, including partner Robert Bomkamp, the people of Pilgrim Glass, and all the forces gathered in Ceredo, West Virginia, the small town and its people who believed in the magic of cameo glass.

  • SILVER MEDAL, ADULT NonFICTION Florida Publishers Association, 2013
  • Juried into the "Best of West Virginia" Collection at Tamarack

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